Questions and Answers

With this amazing opportunity we know there will be some questions, please see our Q&A below to help with some of those questions.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to Justin Otto and Bethany Fish. Go Colts!!!



Q. How will the new program handle registrations and money already paid?
A. Any registrations for the upcoming 2019 season that were previously made and paid prior to the merger will be honored by the new North Carroll Colts

Q. Where can I register to be a part of this amazing opportunity? 
A. Registration will open early February through Stone Alley

Q. How can I help and be part of the North Carroll Colts?
A. Please contact Justin Otto at or Bethany Fish at

Q. Where will my team practice?
A. We will use the Christmas Tree Park and North Carroll High School. All practice locations will be decided based on field availability and coaches requests.

Q. What will happen to the funds previously raised under the individual organizations?
A. All money will be combined to ensure the money raised for the kids continues to be used for the kids and the needs of the football and cheer programs.

Q. What will registration be for the 2019 season?
A. The registration for 2019 will be $140 until February 28, $160 March 1 through April 30 and will be $175 after May 1.

Families who register by March 31st will be eligible to receive a parent t-shirt with their registered child’s name and number (limit 1 per family).

Q. What about the swag I bought last year?
A. Please continue to wear your Ravens/Titans swag proudly united on our sidelines for this year and years to come. Remember on your swag it has your child’s name/number and we are all here for the kids! But we will have swag this year with the new North Carroll Colts logos for you to be able to purchase.

Q. Where will our games be played?
A. Games will be played at Christmas Tree Park, but most importantly we will play together as a program where ever it is. Remember home is where we are all together.

Q. Who will be coaching my child?
A. Most of the existing coaching staffs will be returning from both programs. The board will be reviewing any vacant coaching spots and will make an announcement in the coming months.